Choosing the right puppy and choosing the right dog


There is no better feeling than cuddling our beloved dog on the sofa after a long stressful day at work. According to Swedish study that was published in Scientific Reports (November 2017, Scientific Reports 7, Article No 15821) ‘owning a dog may be beneficial in reducing cardiovascular risk in their owners by providing social support and motivation for physical activity’ Over 25 years of intense research has given us enough evidence that dogs help to lower our blood pressure, reduce anxiety and boost our immunity.

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Breed Specific Training


This subject is still quite controversial among dog trainers and dog training instructors. Some trainers think that there is nothing like specific breed training and it all comes down to dog’s personality and to certain extend I agree with this.

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One to one lessons


One to one lessons can be arranged at a time to suit you, either at your home, your local park or Palmers Green grounds.

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Puppy Classes


Puppy training is probably one of the most exciting things to do with your new pride and joy. It’s interesting, gives you opportunity to meet new people and exchange views and opinions, gives you an idea what future training you can do with your puppy too and is fun!


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Adult Obedience Training


To meet you and your dog’s needs and abilities I have divided the Obedience Training course into 3 separate areas: Foundation, The Improvers and The Advanced course.

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Residential Training


Work in progress

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