Puppy Training

Puppy training is probably one of the most exciting things to do with your new pride and joy.

It’s interesting, gives you opportunity to meet new people and exchange views and opinions, gives you an idea what future training you can do with your puppy too and is fun! Training doesn’t just mean the weekly classes – there will be homework for you and your puppy to do afterwards. Everything that I will teach you during this one-hour lesson you will need to practice with your furry friend everyday in short 5 – 10min sessions as this is the key to successful puppy training – time, consistency and patience.

As long as we are not over doing, tiring and not expecting from a puppy too much at this early age I think there is no command that wouldn’t be beneficial for a puppy to learn.

Puppy training is crucial, and the benefits are for the puppy as well as you - the owner nearly limitless.

Here is a short list of benefits that I would like to highlight for now:


  • It builds a bond and trust between puppy and his owner
  • Help to establish rules and routine (sleeping on the furniture, going to bed, feeding times, walks etc.)
  • Maintain good behaviour and create obedient dog in the future
  • Help to keep dog safe as well as his owner
  • Help the owner to understand responsibilities that comes along with owning a dog
  • Help the owner to understand and communicate with their dog
  • Socialize puppy well with other dogs, people and environment
  • Stimulate puppy’s mentality (mental stimulation is very important - makes puppies tired without physical force)
  • Eliminate dog’s unwanted behaviour in the future
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Help the puppy to develop interaction skills and correct body language
  • Help the owner to gain knowledge and experience in dealing with most common issues and normal dog’s behaviour like chewing, jumping up, barking
  • Makes life easier for dog as well the owner on daily basics
  • Keep the puppy under control
  • Help to calm puppies down especially those that are reactive, very energetic and boisterous


It is very important to start to train the puppy as soon as you bring it home. Starting at this early stage of life makes the training far easier. They come to us as ‘’plain board’’ and we can write on that board anything we wish.

 Puppies usually learn quickly and are quite willing to co-operate with their new owner. If taken from their mother at the right time they come to us without bad habits or concerning behaviour. That is the time to take the opportunity to teach them commands that will make your life together easier and safer in the future.


Here is a list of commands that my puppy training covers. I apply these commands within a group, small private lesson (no more than 3 puppies per lesson) and one to one lessons:


Sit – very obvious and useful command in any life circumstances (for example travelling with the dog by bus). I also choose this exercise as introduction to other commands – stay, wait, watch me (getting puppy’s attention). This command will also stop puppy from unwanted behaviour like jumping. Any dog that sits -  can’t jump at the same time.

Stand – command that we can use when taking our puppy for a vet check or while grooming. Very useful to get puppy ready for next move and getting puppy engaged. Also, very important if we are thinking about taking a part in dog shows with our puppy.

Recall – one of the most important commands in training. Recall keep puppy safe and often may safe dog’s life. It gives us control over our dog’s behaviour.

Look (eye contact) – one of the most important parts of dog/puppy training is making sure that his attention stays on handler. By teaching puppy to look at their owner it helps to keep puppy’s attention on his owner no matter what distractions are at present.

Down -  this command gives us a tool to manage many common behaviour problems. It’s also very useful when teaching our puppy to go to bed on command.

Stay – very useful command in number of situations. It will keep puppy out from under owner’s feet or it can even safe his life by preventing him from running into danger.

Drop it – on many occasions lifesaving command. Puppies love to chew on and try new things with their mouth. Training a puppy to drop it ensures that he will let go of anything he has picked up in his mouth, will prevent from developing unwanted behaviour like possessing things and it can save puppy from swallowing anything poisonous.

Leave it – like drop it- It can save puppy’s life. By telling puppy to leave something that he shouldn’t eat or touch it can prevent him from eating something harmful or chewing on items they should not chew (shoes, furniture).

Wait- it teaches puppy not to move until the owner will give him the okay. This command is perfect for keeping the puppy under control while the owner is preparing his food, preventing from puppy bolting out of his crate, car or door.

Loose lead – like other commands very beneficial for both- puppy and the owner. It prevents from puppy pulling on the lead and dragging his owner behind, keep the puppy under control and prevent from additional behaviour problems in the future.


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