One to one lessons can be arranged at a time to suit you, either at your home, your local park or Palmers Green grounds.

Unfortunately, not all the dogs will benefit from group lessons. Existing behaviour problems as outcome of lack of socialization, trauma, negative experience, health issues often stop the dog and their owner in participating in social life.

At my one to lessons I help the owner to work on issues that include separation anxiety, recall problems, toilet training issues, destructive behaviour, scavenging and many more…

I run one to one lessons for puppies as well as adult dogs and they are most suitable for those dogs that struggle with day to day life. It can be very difficult to work and even live with particularly timid and shy dog that also suffers with fear based aggression towards other dogs or human. Dog that displays this kind of behaviour towards other dogs as well as human it’s often difficult to handle. They require one to attention, gentle approach, understanding, space, patience and a generous amount of time.  Before the training will begin I’ll introduce a behaviour modification programme to build the dog’s trust and confidence. My one to one lessons are also very beneficial for dogs that are dominant, aggressive, boisterous or very vocal for dogs that are blind, deaf.

I adjust my lessons individually and focus on correct, safe and careful approach in regards to dog’s and your needs to help you become more confident dog handler as each lesson can be planned ahead and specifically for areas you wish to address. One to one lesson gives you excellent opportunity to progress in your own time without feeling pressurised.

All one to one lessons cover reading and understanding dog’s body language, calming and relaxing exercises for both dog and you, teaching your dog to do nothing (literally…to do nothing – fantastic exercise for nervous, boisterous or dominant dogs), responding to your dog’s behaviour in a proper manner and socializing your dog in a steady pace without creating additional pressure.

If you own a happy dog and wish to do some training but simply can’t attend the usual group training classes due to lack of time these one to one lessons will suit you as you can pick your favoured time.

As I do not accept reactive dogs in my group lessons one to one training will help resolve their issues so that you can then feel comfortable joining a group training if you will decide to do so in the future.


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