About Home Boarding...

As much as we all love our dogs we are not always able to take our beloved dogs with us wherever we go.

It doesn't matter if it's only family visit or longer break abroad - leaving a dog in unfamiliar environment can be stressful and upsetting for the dog as well as it's owner.


Some dogs especially those that are used to be kenneled may be fine left in kennels for few nights. Those that need more human attention, contact with other dogs and sleep indoors will be the one that will enjoy home boarding the most. And here I come with my services that meet all the criteria of providing safe, settled, warm, enjoyable and home like stay for your dog while you are away.


Dogs that stay with me are provided with their own routine : feeding times, walks, play time and snooze during the day. All dogs are being walked with opportunity to play with other dogs and mentally stimulated so they don't feel frustrated or bored. They are surpervised at all the times and pretty much never left unattended.


They can come for cuddles and strokes, chill out next to me when I'm reading a book or checking my emails. I treat all dogs with respect and as individuals. I will walk an extra mile to make sure that your dog's needs are met and satisfied. There is no worries if your dog takes medications or supplements - I will give it as instructed.


My home boarding services it's not only a random place where dogs stay while you are away. It's home where they are cared for, loved and well looked after.


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