Choosing the right puppy and choosing the right dog


There is no better feeling than cuddling our beloved dog on the sofa after a long stressful day at work. According to Swedish study that was published in Scientific Reports (November 2017, Scientific Reports 7, Article No 15821) ‘owning a dog may be beneficial in reducing cardiovascular risk in their owners by providing social support and motivation for physical activity’ Over 25 years of intense research has given us enough evidence that dogs help to lower our blood pressure, reduce anxiety and boost our immunity.


So how does it all work in reality?

Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Choosing the right dog can be a real dilemma and this choice is crucial so you will be able to enjoy your life to full with your new companion instead of going through trauma and stress related to training issues, or a dog that just doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Owning a dog is one of the most enjoyable experiences but also may well turn your life into a nightmare where a simple walk can become a struggle or chewing on furniture will become destructive behaviour that dog will exhibit if you’re not happy in your relationship together he/she is not given enough opportunity to burn energy or is lacking mental stimulation.


Making a right choice that will have an impact on your entire life…

There is a lot to consider when you are thinking of getting a dog: male or female, puppy or adult, size of the dog, pedigree or crossbreed, temperament, coat length and type, potential health issues and most important thing – you should be honest with yourself when answering these questions:


  • Will I find time to train, groom and generally care for a dog?
  • Am I experienced enough to buy a puppy that I’m thinking of?
  • Is my home big enough to house a dog?
  • How many hours do I spend at work every day?
  • Have I got enough time to socialize my puppy as soon as I get it home?
  • Can I afford to have a dog? Ongoing expenses such as food, veterinary fees and canine insurance can cost roughly £30 a week.
  • Can I make a lifelong commitment to a dog? A dog's average life span is 12 years or even more
  • Am I able to walk my dog 3 times a day?
  • Will I be happy and able to take my dog on holidays with me?


Many owners experience problems with their dogs simply because: they’ve chosen the wrong breed, adopted a rescue dog that they have not had enough information about, they have fallen in love with a puppy because it’s small and cute forgetting that in 12 month’s time this puppy will be 45kgs and require 2 hours of walking and exercise a day! Or the breed that they’ve chosen requires an experienced owner and simply doesn’t fit family lifestyle.


If you consider buying a puppy or getting a dog don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to advice and help you choose the one that suits you most. I will also be able to direct you places where you can meet the breed and owners and have a proper chat with them. The more information you will get from few recommended, different sources and people that you can trust the better for you, your family as well as for your dog.


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