Breed Specific Training

This subject is still quite controversial among dog trainers and dog training instructors.

Some trainers think that there is nothing like specific breed training and it all comes down to dog’s personality and to certain extend I agree with this. Although as I came across so many breeds in my life I have learnt that while some basic dog training principles work for multiple breeds, the truth is that each breed presents its own individual and unique set of challenges and rewards.


For example: training for German Shephard won’t be the same as for Mastiff and training for Chihuahua won’t be the same as for Beagle.


The list of factors that we must consider while training a particular breed are pretty much endless and include: Inherited drives, inherited instincts, breed characteristics, natural predispositions, size and dog’s body build, stamina, groups that particular breed belongs to (working, utility, pastoral, hound, etc), purpose of training, existing issues – if any, dog’s ability to process information, general health condition.


The main aim of my breed specific training is to help the owner understand their dog better and accept that certain behaviours displayed by the dog are normal and part of the dog’s character. Treating each dog’s breed individually makes training much more interesting, fun and channels behaviours in right direction to get best out of the dog and use their natural predispositions as reward and supports dog’s mental stimulation.


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